DFMA Consultancy

We involve in industry proven DFMA consultancy to bring out high efficiency and accurate results for your production parts and assembly designs to meet the world-class standards and surpass client expectations. We have a strong base of technical consultants highly capable of meeting your requirements and providing unique solutions to achieve the desired goal.

DFMA – Cost Estimation Tool

Three Important Uses

Increasing vendor Involvement

supplier Costing As “should-cost” estimator tool

Change the Way to Make Parts

product Costing As benchmarking tool to study your and/or competitors products
study your and/or competitors’ products

Influence of Design on Supply Chain

Product Simplification Assist in reducing manufacturing and assembly costs and quantifying improvements

UAV Diaphragm Assembly


50 Parts Eliminated
86% Fasteners Reduced

Reduced Weight

86% Fasteners Reduced

Reduced Cost

86% Fasteners Reduced

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