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DFMA Training – Lucas Tvs, Padi , Chennai 6 & 7 January 2012

Lucas – TVS , Padi is a Leader in the manufacture of Automotive Electrical Systems with 50+ years experience in design and manufacturing. The Chennai-Padi plant’s product list includes Wiper motors, Starter Motors , Mechanical/electronic distributors and Alternators

A 16 member group of attendees from different disciplines of Design, Development & Industrial Engineering background attended the 2 day Basic Training on DFMA software at their Engineering Design centre.

The first day and first half of second day was spent in familiarizing the DFA & DFM modules of the software hands-on by the attendees , This continued into the afternoon session on the second day into group workshops where fairly in-depth analysis on individual team interest components & sub-assemblies were ere experimented using the DFMA software.

There were 5 groups conducting trial analysis, the group members brain-storming with their experience and observations, putting the learning’s from documented information and making fairly good thumb rule assumptions relevant to their enterprise to arrive at completed analysis of the candidate assembly.

The management & Training Centre Coordinators were instrumental to facilitate the right resource members and in adequate numbers from each discipline which led to successful completion of this training with analysis reports from the DFMA software prepared at the end of session .