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The DFMA® Short Course
1st & 2nd April 2016

The DFMA® Short Course has been developed for Faculty, Students and Industry engineers, manufacturing engineers, cost estimators and others interested in the design & production of high value products.

The goal of the DFMA® Short Course is to demonstrate how proper consideration of part manufacturing and assembly early in the product design stage can considerably improve the overall efficiency of the value stream. The course will thoroughly discuss product simplification techniques and the associated part assembly time and cost estimating techniques required to make good, data-based design decisions.

Participants will also see how part cost estimates evolve into “should cost” estimates enabling data-based supply chain negotiations.

Workstation & Software

Participants will be provided MS Windows computer with the DFMA® software. Participants will work in group of two per workstation during the hands-on session


A sample project will be provided on the second day noon-session .However participants are encouraged to bring their own project and related documents for a sub-assembly they wish to analyse. The assembly should be fewer than 15 unique parts (i.e. part numbers). Please make sure the project is not confidential or IP sensitive.

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