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Re-PLInished REVA
Lithium Polymer(PLI) Retrofitted EV

A Proof of concept retrofitting modification to an Electric vehicle that can probably be viable for Public Transport (EVPT). We built this prototype over the last 8 months.

The idea of EVPT is being supported in few countries, even thought Petrol / Fuel cost is low there , the governments accelerate green initiatives, especially focussed for small capacity (8 – 20people) intra-city public transport .

A showcase model that could be developed to a vehicle used for public transport and reduce mileage cost and ownership (Maxi cabs & Share Autos)


light weight

Vital Stats

Battery Weight 270Kg (200Ah battery bank)  68Kg (150Ah Battery bank) Vehicle Weight 665Kg 470Kg Charging  8-10hours

5 hours(30Amps rated)

Capable of  1.5 Hours rate

Playtime 60Km range per charge

Expected 100Km per charge*

*in test