Power Solutions

powerimg1D-ESPAT is a system integrator of rechargeable lithium ion and lithium polymer battery systems in both cylindrical and prismatic configurations to meet the custom needs of portable applications. We have expertise to provide battery solutions for consumer, industrial, military and OEM. Our expertise spans access to some of the world’s best cell manufacturers and network of assembly and battery integration facilities.

Since our inception, we have served the specific needs for batteries to individual projects, research & development houses, industrial equipments and original design manufacturers with their challenging portable energy requirements.Our business niche focuses on providing the secondary components for energy storage. We design and assemble custom battery packs and chargers for portable energy applications.

As our business, we provide

  • Assembly of custom lithium ion & lithium polymer battery packs with protections modules, charging and management solutions for a wide range of portable applications
  • Cell selections meeting electrical specification complete with mechanical design and packaging expertise

We service a broad customer base operating in many diverse fields, including the telecommunications, military, robotics, medical, geophysical, monitoring instrumentation, alarm, surveillance, aerospace and consumer industries.

We consider our customers our partners, and know that respectful partnerships are the basis for the success of both customer and provider. This spirit of alliance with our customers sustains everything we do. With us, you can be confident your project will be successful