Lead Acid vs Li Polymer

  • Average Weight of Car : 650 kgs
  • Power : 10 – 14KW
  • Energy (capacity):10KWhr at 2 hours discharge rate
  • Continuous Discharge Current : 150Amps
  • Max discharge current : 350Amps- 400Amps
S.No Comparison Tubular Lead Acid Batteries Polymer Lithium ion Battery
1 No of cells 8 Series of 6V cells 13S 2P of 100Ahr, 3.7V cells
2 Weight of battery pack 37% of kerb weight* = 240.5kgs Per 100Ahr cell = 2.75 kgs 26cells = 71.5kgs
3 Charging at 15Amps Under 7 hours Under 7 hours
4 Fast Charging Upto80% DOD in 2.5 hours charging @ 80% under 20minutes and Can be full charged at 2C rate** within 70minutes ( ** commercial design of a 200Ampcharger )
5 Power-to-weight ratio of vehicle Poor High weight of vehicle decrease by 26% with polymer lithium cells
6 Maintenance Electrolyte Top up Periodically required None
7 Energy Management System Required Required
8 Safety Caustic Acid in battery – dangerous to vehicle or user in case of mishap No lithium metal, lead, nickel, mercury ,cadmium, toxic or caustic material No leakage, fire or explosion on exposure
9 Battery Layout For a EV Car using Tubular


For an EV bus using PLI


10 Cost Low High