Lithium Ion Cell

We can offer wide range of Medium to Large capacity Li-ION cells for devices that need solutions with high energy densities. This range of battery offers high capacities at lightweight and small volumes.

Please Feel free to write to us for detailed spec sheets for the above cells or custom designed battery packs including protection circuitry and control.

Medium Capacity

Model Capacity (mAhr) V Cycle Temp Weight (g) Dimention (mm)
ICR18650-30A 3000 3.7 1500 -20 ºC to 60 ºC 48 Ø18 * 65
18650B2 2600 48 Ø18 * 65
18650A2 2400 46 Ø18 * 65
18650S2 2200 44 Ø18 * 65