Power FAQ

1. Why should I select Lithium Polymer battery ?

  • Critical devices wherein a few extra hours of battery life could mean a very big difference in terms of the overall performance of equipment.
  • Lesser maintenance of Battery equipment could mean savings over the long run ,especially remote applications

2. Are such battery systems safe?

    Polymer Technology is safer than most battery systems,they comply with safety requirements of

  • No leakage
  • No fire
  • No explosion

3. How Lithium Polymer Technology is is Safer?

  • No lithium metal (which reacts explosively with air)
  • No lead, nickel, cadmium or mercury
  • No caustic acid
  • No toxic material

4. What’s the difference with Polymer Lithium (PLI) Batteries?

    PLI’s are long lasting, robust and maintenance free and can withstand our tropical climates. Our PLIs offer

  • Varying Energy Density demand
  • From Big and Heavy to Small and Light
  • PLI Superiority lies in
  • High Volumetric Energy Density
  • Smaller batteries
  • Light batteries
  • For the User, this means
  • Portability
  • High performance
  • Rapid charge and discharge

5. What application or Product categories?

    Small to medium

  1. Thermal Imaging Cameras
  2. GPRS Devices
  3. Surveying & GIS Equipments
  4. Portable Security Equipments
  5. Power Banks for field devices
    Medium to Large

  1. Robots
  2. Underwater Vehicles
  3. Aerial Vehicles
  4. Electric scooters/cars
  5. Sub systems in boats, Ships, submarines
  6. Isolated towers back up banks